A "Katerji International Group" Company

Katerji Engineering & Mechanical Industries

Fields of Business

  • Steel stutterers.
  • Sandwich panel & Sheet metal forming.
  • Mechanical manufacturing.
  • Warehouses.
  • Home appliances.
  • Manufacturing of petroleum.
  • Silos.
  • Galvanizing line.
  • GRB.
  • PVC pipes.
  • Manufacturing of caravans

Our Company’s Objectives

  • Contribute to the reconstruction of the country.
  • Improving the national economy and recycling the wheel of industry.
  • Creating job opportunities.
  • Access to the local market by offering products with high quality and competitive prices.

The company has a technical staff consisting of engineers in all specialties and highly skills and experienced staff.

The company is located in Syria, Aleppo, Industrial City (Alshaykh Najjar), third category.

The total area of facility is 105,000 square meters and includes 6 metal halls with different areas and management building.

The total area of the hall is 5151191 and it is composed of:

1. Blacksmithing hall
2. Foam works hall
3. Hall for the manufacture of the electrical appliances
4. Hall for the manufacturing of silos.
5. Mechanical industrial works hall.
6. Stocks hall.
7. Administration building.

In addition to future project in the second stage is a zinc galvanizing plant.